Which Material Works Best for Your Garage Door?

Today’s garage doors are made from a wide variety of materials, each offering its own unique set of advantages. Whether you’re looking for a lightweight yet durable garage door or one that precisely matches your home’s appearance, you can find the right door that suits your needs. Read on for an in-depth look at garage door materials and how they fit your home.


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A Short Guide to Wood Garage Doors

While steel garage doors are the most common type of garage doors, wood garage doors are also very popular. Here’s some information about garage doors made with wood.

Wood Adds Warmth to Homes

A wooden garage door adds warmth and class to a home. The interesting grain of the wood, rich finish, and matching hardware of a wood garage door help boost the look of cottage, contemporary, Colonial, and Shaker architecture styles.


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Decorate Your Garage Door for the Holidays: 6 Different Options

The holidays are coming quickly! At this time of year, many people look for new and exciting ways to decorate their home’s exterior. For some homeowners, the garage door represents a final frontier of holiday decorating possibilities.

This post will explore the many options for homeowners hoping to decorate their garage door. From DIY options to store-bought decorations, this is what you need to know.

  1. Project an Image Onto the Door

Projected images are becoming a common option for homeowners who want to decorate a large area quickly and efficiently. There are many different options for homeowners who prefer this fast and easy decorating solution. Some projectors feature patterns that repeat themselves over and over. Other projectors show actual holiday scenes like snow falling on a snowman.


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