Garage Door Services in Plainfield, IL

Maintenance, repair, and installation for garage doors should be simple, and you shouldn’t have to keep dealing with the same issues.

For high-quality garage door services in Plainfield, IL, rely on R&S Garage Door Service. We have the skill and professionalism to resolve your problems quickly.


R&S Garage Door Service provides garage-door maintenance, repair, and installation for both residential and commercial buildings. For example, we install garage door openers, new doors, and replacement parts according to your needs. We also relieve you of stress by safely taking care of dangerous jobs, like the replacement of broken springs.

All of these services are available to you at enviable prices. We’re one of the leading garage door companies in Illinois for a reason, and you won’t have to wait long to see why.  


We founded R&S Garage Door Service on the belief that professionals should do high-quality work that businesses and homeowners can’t or don’t have time to do for themselves. As a result, we treat each job with the seriousness it deserves so that you feel that you spent your money well.

Our attitude applies to both our technical work and our interactions with clients. When you discuss your garage doors with us, you’ll receive seasoned information, which we’ll deliver with courtesy.

For straightforward, high-quality garage-door installation, repair, and maintenance, call R&S Garage Door Service today at 630-357-5261.