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Garage Door Spring

When it comes to spring replacement, it is best to replace the torsion spring located above the door opening. The springs slide onto a bar that connects to your extension spring located adjacent to the door. Both springs are manufactured with the same cycle-rating which means once one spring breaks the other will soon need to be repaired or replace as well.

It is very important that you know the size of your springs to insure the right size spring will be installed for the weight of your garage door. The heavier the garage door is, the bigger the spring will be to balance your garage door. We will also do a balance test just to make sure that the right size springs were installed!


Q: Can you repair a Broken Garage Door Spring?
A: Garage Door Springs can rarely be repaired due to their tight compression so instead they are replaced. Replacing broken garage door springs is expected after years of use. 

R & S Garage Door Service replaces broken residential garage door springs.

R & S Garage Door Service is proud to offer high cycle springs and we always install new parts.

Every service call includes free inspection of all garage door parts including springsrollerscablesopener and sensors.

Our garage door springs and all other garage door parts include a 3 year warranty.

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