Garage Door Services in Naperville and Aurora, IL

When you come to R&S Garage Door Service you can expect quality products and services. Some of our services include the following:


  • Broken Springs: Your springs are what do all the heavy lifting for your garage door, which puts them under a lot of stress. This stress leads to wear and tear and, eventually, broken springs. In fact, broken springs are one of the most common repairs we perform at R & S Garage Door Service. Despite the frequency with which we perform these repairs, removing old springs and installing new ones must always be done with care and caution in order to prevent injury. Which is why you should always count on our professional technicians to fix your broken springs.
  • Repairs: When you need to replace or repair your garage door, choose our garage door services in Naperville, IL. Trust our team to identify and fix any problem, from alignment tracks to damaged rollers. Whatever the issue is, you can rely on us to assess and repair any damage to your garage doors. Not only do we repair, but we also can replace broken items, including springs, panels, cables, and rollers. Our technicians are available 24/7 and will work with any type of make or model to serve any garage door needs you have.
  • Installations: After you have found the perfect garage door for your home, leave the rest to our expert installers. We will ensure your garage door is installed efficiently and safely.


  • Garage doors: We offer a wide variety of garage doors to match your exterior design. Feel free to ask our installers for advice on a make and model works well with your current garage structure. Our doors are rust-proof and dent proof vinyl doors.
  • Commercial doors: For a professional curb appeal, use our garage door services in Naperville, IL. We have a wide selection so you can find the perfect door to represent your company.
  • Garage door openers: Our team offers a variety of keyless entry systems. Choose from key pads and remotes to fit your company or family needs.
  • Garage rollers: Choose from a variety of garage rollers so you can rest at ease with an easy-access garage entry.
We care about your service, so we ensure that every garage door comes with a lifetime warranty. Call us at 630-357-5261 for first-rate customer service.
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