Garage Door Services in Aurora, IL

Garage doors are a staple of homes and many commercial properties. Throughout your day-to-day activities, your garage door faces extensive use and needs periodic maintenance and repair. R & S Garage Door Service provides the comprehensive garage door services in Aurora, IL, that you need to feel safe and secure and go about your life as usual.

Discover What We Do

Your garage door is composed of three main parts: the door, the spring, and the opener. All three of these parts need occasional maintenance, repair, and sometimes, replacement.

We offer general garage door repair services that include a discussion with you about the energy efficiency of your garage door and how to choose the best door for your location and situation. If the garage door itself is not the problem, our technicians also offer spring replacement services, since garage door springs are rarely able to be repaired.

Our services also include repair and replacement for your garage door opener, which is often neglected in general garage door maintenance and problem-solving.

In addition to these services, we also work on commercial garage doors and even provide a range of dock level installation and repairs services.

R & S Garage Door Service provides comprehensive garage door services in Aurora, IL. Call 630-357-5261 to schedule an appointment today.